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  1. Hi, Debby. I looked through my ancestry charts (which I haven't touched for way too many years!) and found some distant connections to a few of the names listed above:Robinson (1800's), Terry (1600 and 1700's), King (1600's) and Bailey (1600 and 1700's). I have quite a bit about a lot of the old families of Long Island and Mass. and back to England. All of my work is done on paper since I was getting most of it from my Aunt Lois DeWall back in the '80s (she used to volunteer at the Suffolk Co. Historical Society). Maybe you will inspire me to start transcribing into some kind of database. If you are interested in the little I have or just in corresponding, my e-mail is or I am on facebook. We are already fb friends :) Best wishes, Mary Ellen Davidson

  2. I'm the descendant of a William Warner, Ipswich, MA, early 1600s. I've often wondered if the eastern Long Island Warners are of the same family. Very possibly, right?

  3. As always, you are an inspiration to me and in the past few months I have been working on not only my own genealogy but that of my children's paternal lines, which of course includes your cousin Mike Ryan! Since he knew next to nothing, I have found a lot of info just using on-line sources. I was wondering if you have more than I have found on the King line. So far I have Lillian Charlotte King (1900 - 1936), dau. of George Washington King (1878 - 1959) and Sarah Agnes Rowan (1878 or 79 - 1957); he was son of Lewis (Louis) King (abt. 1842 - abt. 1890) and Sarah Maria Barry (abt. 1852 - 1926). Lewis was son of Theodore King who may have been from Germany and his wife Mary who may have been from Germany or Pennsylvania. That's all I can go back on that line. My thought is that the name "King" may be the Americanization of "Koenig" ? Also that if Germans were frowned upon at certain times in history, they many have said they were from some place like Pennsylvania to explain any accent? I also have Sarah Maria Barry's parents, Ebenezer Barry (1821 - 1901) immigrating from Sweden in 1835, and his wife, Catherine Bolen (1831 - 1891) born in Gibraltar, Spain to John or James and Ann...but is there also a Swedish connection there because I found Jon and Anna (Brita) Bolin and their child Anders Jonssen Bolin in Swedish baptismal records. They are listed on other family trees posted on ancestry but I have not found sources cited that give this information. More question marks! Got answers? (I have more definitive dates on most things but trying to keep this a bit shorter :) Best, Mary Ellen