Monday, July 25, 2016

Amanuensis Monday-Will for Daniel Warner Sr. 1857

Amanuensis, as I’m referring to here, is the act of transcribing an historic document.

This will complete my collection of 5 generations of my paternal Warner family line starting from my great-grandfather John B. Warner’s will dated 1920 to James Warner’s will dated 1801.  I have not had the opportunity to transcribe them all yet but you can check out the blog posts I have already done for my 4x great grandfather James Warner and my 2X great grandfather Daniel Warner, Jr. 

To add to the collection is the will of Daniel Warner, Sr. my paternal 3x great grandfather.  (The ‘Daniels’ become a little confusing at times since there were actually 4 Daniel Warner’s that I know of in my direct Warner line.)  I was able to locate this Will at the Probate Office at the Suffolk County Center in Riverhead, NY.
d warner 1 d warner 2 d warner 3
Will Liber 10  pages 369-372

My descendant chart from Legacy helps put the family into perspective as they are named in the will.  The will was written in 1857 and you will notice that there are 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls). 

The transcription is as follows;
d warner 2 highlight
d warner 1 highlight

Several thoughts I have after reading;
  • Daniel’s wife Jemima Howell Warner was still alive when this will was written.  Was it just expected that she would be taken care of by her children and she didn’t need to be mentioned in the will?  She would actually die 8 months after Daniel in 1870.
  • Daughter Susan was married (2 years) at the time of the will to Beriah Cleaves.
  • Son Lewis I believe was married at the time of the will to Eliza Fanning Warner.
  • Son Goldsmith would never marry.
  • Son Daniel (my 2x great grandfather) was appointed one of the Executors.  He was married at the time of his father’s will (16 years) to Eleanor Howell Warner.
  • Daughter Joanna was married at the time of the will (17 years) to David Wells Howell.
  • Daughter Jemima was 23 years old and unmarried.  She would later marry Stephen Randall. 
  • It seems that Daniel was trying to distribute materials and property evenly among his children.
  • There is no mention in Daniel’s will of any grandchildren.  I know that Daniel and Eleanor had at least 8 children at the time of their grandfather’s will.
I also obtained a copy of the probate record for Daniel’s will.  Interesting find.  More to follow.

If you have any corrections or additions or stories to share I look forward to hearing them.
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Using Tax Records and Maps-Warner Family

I recently rediscovered an old tax record that I found years ago at the Suffolk County Historical Society in Riverhead, Suffolk, New York referencing my paternal great-great-grandfather and his brothers.  While I was looking over it I remembered that I had a copy of an old map from the same time period that actually shows where property owners were located.  Now I am able to see where my paternal ancestors’ property was and how much land they owned.

Assessment Role of the town of Riverhead, of the County of Suffolk, State of New York in the month of June 1874 by Abil Corwin, Samuel Griffing, James L. Skidmore, Assessors.
Names of Owners and (?)Parcels                      Acres/Real/Personal/Amount
tax record 1 tax records

1873 Beers Map of Riverhead, Suffolk County, Long Island (New York)
1873_Beers_Map_of_Riverhead,_Suffolk_County,_Long_Island_-_Geographicus_-_Riverhead-beers-1873 highlighted
Baiting Hollow map

Now I know that;
  • Allen M. Warner (great granduncle) had 40 acres of land valued at $1100.00
  • Lewis Warner (2nd great granduncle) had 136 acres of land valued at $1100.00, personal property valued at $400 with a total value of $1500.00
  • Goldsmith Warner (2nd great granduncle) had 90 acres of land valued at $1300.00
  • Daniel Warner (2nd great grandfather) had 150 acres of land valued at $1300.00, personal property valued at $200 with a total value of $1500.00        
It was very interesting to have these 2 pieces of information (tax record and local map) and how used together they greatly compliment each other!

A question my father raised “ Do you think the School property (located in the middle of Warner property) was owned by the Warner Family and perhaps donated for the school?”  Another great research question…..I’ll let you know……  
I would appreciate any additional information or corrections you may have.
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Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day 1897-Carrie’s Letters

I always find it interesting to see how my ancestors celebrated Independence Day.  The following is a letter that my paternal great-grandmother, Carrie Terry Warner, (see blog posts Carrie’s Letters) wrote to her sister Ella Terry in 1897.  Carrie and John lived very close (I believe the family property actually went to the water) to the Long Island Sound in Baiting Hollow, Suffolk,  New York.
When my father and I scanned all the letters we sometimes missed a page.  My father is the keeper of the letters.  When I head back East to visit I catch up on pages that I have missed.  I seem to be missing a scan of the 2nd page to this letter but luckily I have the transcription. 
John is Carrie’s husband who was a farmer.  Terry is their 9 year old son. 
B. H. (Baiting Hollow)
July 4. ‘97
Dear Sister. I believe I have answered your last letter but am not sure. It is nearly eleven P.M. have four letters all ready to mail. Can not write much to you this time. I attended the children’s day exercises last Sunday morning. They were good. The children all did well. Mr. DeFriest was buried last Sunday. Funeral in the church in the afternoon, burial at R. H. (Riverhead) Annie has been home again today. John took her to Calverton this morning did not get home in time for church, so no one went from here today.

Just had an invitation today to a picnic up on the beach tomorrow afternoon. I don’t want to go, but suppose I shall have to. The men are not going to work, so John is not going to work, and having nothing to do he will want to go. Terry has his fireworks tomorrow evening.

Tuesday I must wash. Annie barely got the ironing done by Saturday night when we wash Monday. John has just written for Wesley to come home Wednesday morning. I shall have to meet him when I take Terry to the Dr’s. Terry put his right hand in one of the bay fork wheels and took the ends off of three fingers last Monday. Tore the flesh all off of two so I went down to the village Thursday morning and helped the Dr. take the bones off to the first joint. They seem to be doing very nicely. Baby seems to be improving all the time. It’s a mystery to me how he can. Russel keeps well I hope, and yourself too. Have you got him in short clothes? There were four children baptized last Sunday. Lida Hulse or Luce now, Gene Terry’s little boy Mrs. Columbus Terry’s little grandson, which she has had since its birth when its mother died. Grace Ketchams or Edwards little boy, and Mrs. Downs little girl. How are you making out canning? Doing up lots of strawberries and cherries I suppose. Do write to me when you can. Uncle Albert is in R. H. (Riverhead) again. Wonder if he will drift east to Peconic for the Summer. I have not seen him to speak with but Terry has. I heard the other day that Jennie Smith or Wells is likely to increase her family some time in the definite future. Must say good night, from your loving sister Carrie.

My first thought was why wouldn’t Carrie have enjoyed going to the beach as we all did as kids growing up but then…. I thought about it ….and put a few more pieces together and think I can understand that Carrie may not have been excited about going to the beach for the festivities.  Carrie was about 5 months pregnant with their 4th child and had boys ages 7(Wesley) , 3(Gerald)  along with 9 year old Terry for a ‘treck’ by wagon to the beach for a picnic…hmm…think I understand.
I hope you enjoy your 4th of July this year!

I would appreciate any additional information or corrections you may have.
Enjoy the journey,