Military Honor Roll

As I continue to do my research I have found many of my ancestors that served in the Military.  I would like to honor and remember them here for their Duty and Service.

Revolutionary War

     Jacob Grantier - 15th New York Regiment, Morgan's Riflemen
          maternal 5th great-grandfather
     John Jacobs - 1st Battalion, Essex County, New Jersey Militia
          maternal 6th great-grandfather
     William Coolbaugh, Jr. -
          maternal 6th great-grandfather
     Noah Alden -
          maternal 7th great-grandfather
     Israel Alden -
          maternal 6th great-grandfather

     Nathan Benjamin - Captain Josiah Lupton's Company of Colonia Militia
          paternal 5th great-grandfather
     Nathan Tuthill - Captain Paul Reeve's Company of Southold Volunteers
          paternal 6th great-grandfather

War of 1812

     Joshua Terry -
          paternal 4th great-grandfather

Civil War

     John W. Rowan -150th Regiment New York Volunteers,  Company H
          paternal 2nd great-grandfather
     Portis Coolbaugh - 107th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company C
          maternal 2nd great-grandfather
     Joseph Cornell - 141st New York Regiment, Company B
          maternal 2nd great-grandfather

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  1. I have a lot more research to do but Portis is also my 2nd great grandfather. Nancy Nott