Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Patrick Hughes, who are you?

I am currently working on trying to figure out who my great-great-great grandfather Patrick Hughes was. Unfortunately, Patrick Hughes is a VERY common name which makes my search even harder. According to my great-great grandmother-Sarah Hughes Rowan's marriage certificate her parents are listed as Patrick Hughes and Susan McKeena residing at 306 10th Ave, NYC. What I know based on what my grandmother Agnes King Warner told me is that Patrick was related to Arch Bishop John Hughes (1797-1864) from New York City. My grandmother talked about her mother-Sarah Rowan King taking her and her sisters to St. Patrick's Cathedral in NY and going down in to the crypt (no longer possible) to view the Arch Bishop's crypt. How was Patrick related?? In looking over many Patrick Hughes immigration records I discovered one record that lists a date of Naturalization of 7 Oct 1852 in NYC with a witness listed as John Hughes of 469 Cherry Street. When did Patrick come from Ireland? In the book "Dagger John" by Richard Shaw the Arch Bishop talks about his nephew Patrick Hughes "one of the young soldiers who gained entry to the regiment's (69th) ranks was Patrick Hughes, John's nephew." Is this my Patrick Hughes? I was able to find a listing of Civil War Draft Registration Records for a Patrick Hughes residence on 9th Avenue, NYC. Patrick was listed as being 43 and a Coal Man. This listing was for 6th Congressional District-Wards 9, 15 & 16. I found 1 listing in the 1850 census for the 1st District, 16th Ward NYC for a Patrick and Susan Hughes. I followed forward from John Rowan and Sarah Hughes Rowan children to find that their oldest son Joseph married Irene. They had 2 children Emily F. Rowan Cuttle and John W. Rowan.


Are you related to them or know anything about them?

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