Sunday, January 31, 2016

Organizing information Joseph Cornell

When I travel to visit family in other areas I try to gather as much information and original documents as I can.  Unfortunately, I rarely have time to do more than put the info in an individual folder.  I like to use Legacy to record my family information.  It has many great features but one of the ones I like the best is that I can run a Chronology report on any person in my tree.  This helps me see all the ‘events’ in their life in chronological order. 
When I find the individual I am working on I click the tab for Chronology-
Then I get my Chronolgy report-
Cornell Joseph chronology report
This is a great way to see my information but I like to also have information at a glance to keep track of what I have and what my plan is in my research.  I developed the following chart that helps me determine my ‘To Do’ list for this ancestor.
Cornell Joseph individual chart
Now, at a glance, I know where I am in my research for this individual and this gives me a way to keep track of what’s next.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from you if you have comments or information to share.

Enjoy the journey,


  1. I do love the chronology list in Legacy. You're ahead of me with your To Do list. I've attempted to create a list, but I've not been successful. Only because I get distracted, not because I can't. I do bold items in my research notes that need to be done, and that's as close as I get.
    Legacy has a very robust To Do feature which I don't take advantage of. Have you ever used it Debby?

  2. No, I haven't used it. Maybe you could show it to me sometime?