Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ebenezer Barry and Catherine Bolen Barry

Today I’m trying to look at the information I have on my great great great grandparents Ebenezer and Catherine.
My paternal gradmother was Sarah Agnes King Warner (b. 1902 Brooklyn, NY and d. 1970 Riverhead, NY)
Her parents were George Washington King (b. 1878 Brooklyn, NY and d. 1959 Huntington, NY)
and Sarah Agnes Rowan (b. 1879 NYC and d. 1957 Brooklyn, NY)
George’s parents were Louis Arthur King (b. 1838/43 Brooklyn, NY and d. 1890 Brooklyn, NY)
and Sarah Maria Barry (b. 1851/2 Brooklyn, NY and  d. 1926 Brooklyn, NY)
Sarah’s parents were Ebenezer Barry (b. 1821 Sweden and d. 1901 Bronz, NY)
and Catherine Bolen (b. 1831 Gibraltar  d. 1891 New York City)
I try to enter information into my Legacy Family Tree program.  One of the many reasons I really like it is the chronology chart for

E Barry chonology E Barry chronology 2

C Barry chronology
Some things I still don’t know about Ebenezer-what ship did Ebenezer come to the United States on, where was he born in Sweden, who were his parents?  What type of boat did he work on-did he do something during the Civil War?
Some things I still don’t know about Catherine-what ship did Catherine come to the United States on, did she come with her parents, was she born in Gibraltar, can I verify who were her parents?
I would love to find descendants of other children of Ebenezer and Catherine-John F., Ann Amelia, Elizabeth C., Louisa, Mary E., Ida S.
If you have any information that might add to my research I would enjoy hearing from you!
Enjoy the journey,

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