Monday, May 16, 2016

Amanuensis Monday-James Jacob Warner

I decided to take a look at the the Will I have for my 4 times paternal great-grandfather James Jacob Warner.

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What I know about my 4x great-grandfather:
  • James was born 26 April 1762 in Jamesport, Suffolk County, NY. 
  • From the book A History of Mattituck, Long Island, N.Y.  (page 274) I know that James, son of Daniel and Hannah Petty Warner, was baptized on 12 January 1769.
  • James married Glorianna/Anna Edwards in 1783.
  • They had 5 children-Daniel (my 3x great-grandfather), James, Hannah, Sarah and Elisabeth.
  • James moved from Jamesport to Baiting Hollow, NY (a distance of about 10 miles) around 1780. 
  • James died 30 September 1803 at the age of 41 in Baiting Hollow, N. Y. and is buried there in the Baiting Hollow Cemetery.
When I started to transcribe James’ will from 1801 I realized that there were several terms used in the will that I needed to understand the meaning of in order to fully understand his will.  I took the liberty of writing the definitions within the parenthesis to facilitate the reading of the will.
JW will 1 filename-1
I noted several things as I read James’ will:
  • He left his property and goods equally to his sons Daniel and James.
  • He left each of his daughters a good amount of money and left them each the same amount of money.   $250.00 in 1801 would be valued at about $4,810.00 today.
  • His wife was listed as an Executrix but was left nothing in his will.
  • His eldest son was listed as one Executor and I’m guessing since he was only 17 James also listed his brother Daniel as an Executor also.
I wonder how much James’ estate was actually worth in 1803 when he died?
For 5 generations, about 130+ years my ancestors lived in Baiting Hollow, NY and I grew up only about 6 miles away.

I would appreciate any additional information or corrections you may have.

Enjoy the journey,


  1. Debby. I really like how you've circled and highlighted the names and other important items in your transcription. Great idea!

  2. Thank-you, Diane! It always helps me to focus on the important information.