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Coming to America-Andrew Warner

My quest is to find out as much as I can about my ancestors who first braved the ocean to come to this new land called America.

On my paternal side Andrew Warner (my 8x great-grandfather) and his wife Mary/Maria Humprey Warner were the first ones on my Warner line to come to America.  They came from Great Britain about 1630 and landed in Massachusetts.  From there Andrew’s grandson Nathaniel Warner  made his way to Long Island.

When I was young I remember seeing a memorial stone at the local cemetery where many of my Warner Ancestors are buried.  On the stone for the Warner Family there was a lineage describing who the first person was to come to America from England.  There was some talk that the line that was listed on the stone did not have the correct information.  For some reason at the age of about 12-13 I decided I would be the one to find out the truth.  I went to the local library and began to do some research without any knowledge or training in genealogical research.  I somehow found the following book:
I think I looked for and found a Nathaniel Warner, who came to Long Island, who I knew was correct, and traced backwards in this book to Andrew Warner and not William Warner as reported on the Monument at the Cemetery. 

I presented it to older family members saying that our first ancestor was not William Warner as claimed on the stone but Andrew Warner.  I remember my comments were pushed aside because how could I, a mere child, with no training, disprove what was believed by so many as correct.  I didn’t do any research for years.  In the 1980’s, long before the internet and the ease of finding records on-line, I once again began working on this family line.  Now I was an adult and people would listen to me, right?

I did a lot of research by visiting the places Andrew lived (Hartford CT, Hadley and Hatfield MASS) and searching for records.  I put together this pamphlet for a Warner Family Reunion back in 1986.   It’s been many years since I have done any research on Andrew so I thought I would take a look at what I had already found out about Andrew before I began some research again on him. 

Andrew was born in 1594/5 in Cambridge, Essex, Cambridge England

Andrew (29 years old) married Mary/Maria Humphrey (23 years old) on 15 Oct 1624 in Thaxted, Essex, England.

Andrew and Mary had 9 children: Andrew, Robert, Jacob, Daniel, Isaac, Ruth, Hannah, Mary and John.

Mary died (71 years old) 19 Sep 1672 in Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

Andrew married Ester/Hester Wakeman Seldon on 8 February 1679 (84 years old) in Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

Andrew (89 years old) died 18 Dec 1684 in Hadley,  Hampshire, Massachusetts.

If you have any corrections or additions or stories to share I look forward to hearing them.
Enjoy the journey,

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