Friday, June 10, 2016

Photo Friday-Who is the woman in the picture?

I have pictures of my paternal great grandmother and one of my paternal great-great grandmother. I’m not sure who the picture below is of.  I am thinking it is one of these 2 women but need your help. I have no photographer information.  Do you see a resemblance to either of the 2 women I can identify below?

I know that the picture on the left is a picture of my paternal great-grandmother Carrie Terry Warner (see blog posts about Carrie’s letters).  I know that the picture was taken most likely in the late 1870s or early 1880’s in NYC because the photographer was Rockwood of Union Square N. Y. I have been able to verify that he who worked in NYC at that time.  Carrie lived about 65 miles East of New York City but attended a Normal School in Trenton, N.J. from 1879-1881.  She made the trip from Peconic, N. Y. to Trenton going by boat, train, carriage and ferry.
The picture of the woman on the right is of my paternal great-great grandmother Sarah Hughes Rowan (see blog post Rowan and Hughes Family).  Sarah was born, raised, married and lived in New York City.  She died in 1885.
Carrie Terry Warner   Sarah Agnes Hughes Rowan
 Would love to hear your thoughts and opinion and any other information you’d like to share.

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  1. Debby - as soon as I scrolled down, I immediately thought "the woman on the left." Her mouth and her eyes are so similar to the unidentified lady. Her eyebrows and nose are also a match. I bet if you ran facial recognition they would set bells off.

  2. Her oval face and small mouth matches the 2nd photo almost exactly! This is my first visit to your stunning blog. Wow. Beautiful work.

  3. Carrie Eliza Terry Warner. Grew up knowing it as mom had this image in her collection.
    Hollie Warner Tuthill Christopher

  4. Yes, Carrie Eliza. Are you Elaine's daughter? Did your Mom have any other photos?