Saturday, June 4, 2016

Southern California Genealogy Jamboree-Exciting Day 3

Day 3 at Jamboree was another great day of learning and meeting people along with an exciting end to the day!

This morning I was able to attend 3 great sessions and talk to some interesting and very nice people.

My first great session was presented by Jim Brewster entitled Getting Your Results Is Just the Beginning.  Jim has a great personality as a speaker and was able to show us many of the features on our Family Tree DNA website that will help us make those family connections that can help break through some of those brick walls.  Now I should be able to start making a little better progress toward making those cousin connections.  I also found a lot more information available to me on my page then I knew  was there before.

My second great session was presented by Geoff Rasmussen entitled Using the Latest Legacy Family Tree Software.  Geoff is a great speaker and I always enjoy listening to him when I have the opportunity.  He was able to show us many of the newer great features that the Legacy Family Tree program has to offer.  Like most technology we use there are so very many features that are available to make our life and researching easier that we don’t take advantage of.  I can’t wait to start using color coding of my family branches to help make family lines stand out.

My third great session was presented by Dr. Thomas Jones entitled Organizing Evidence to Overcome Record Shortages.  Thomas was able to take us step by step through how to find and organize information that comes from a variety of  sources that are not as common and organize them into valuable information.  He compared the process to taking a box of 200 puzzle pieces, many torn, discolored or missing and figuring out how to put them into as best a picture that you can to find out more about some ancestors.  The analogy was a great way to explain what we do as genealogists.  The answers we search for are not always right there for the finding.  He led us through an Irish case study that was amazing to watch.  I now feel a little more hopeful about finding some information on my Irish line and others when the typical information is so scarce.

Fellow blogger and friend Diane Gould Hall (Michigan Family Trails) and I were able to talk once again to Katherine Borges who is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructor and very easy to talk with.  Thank-you Katherine for your help and advice!

There is a large Exhibit Hall with many vendors for us to talk to.  While at the Family Tree DNA booth I was glad to be able to meet the author of Genetic Genealogy: the Basics and Beyond  Emily D. Aulicino.  Even though I have an undergraduate degree in Biology DNA for genealogy was a struggle.  I have enjoyed Emily’s book and found it an easy read with a lot of valuable information.  She is a teacher and able to present the information in a way that makes sense and the reader comes away with a wealth of information.  Emily has books to sell and I would highly recommend you stop by and see her while at Jamboree.  Thank-you Emily!

I was happy to see that so many of us from the San Diego Genealogical Society were able to make it to Jamboree.  We were able to get the word out and be able to take a group picture this morning.  Hope we didn’t miss anyone.  Our group includes fellow bloggers: Randy Seaver, J. Paul Hawthorne, Diane McClure-Lott, Diane Gould Hall and Kitty Cooper.

The day ended by attending a delicious banquet dinner.   The guest speaker, Kenyatta D. Berry: Secrets from PBS’ Genealogy Roadshow was a wonderful treat.  Kenyatta gave us some interesting insights about the filming of Genealogy Roadshow.  She was entertaining and refreshing, a true genealogist who happened to wind up on a reality TV Show and strives to keep the show as true as possible to the work genealogists do daily.
Kenyatta Berry

The most exciting part of the day for me came after Kenyatta finished speaking and was asked by our hosts the Southern California Genealogical Society to pick the winning ticket in a raffle.  My name was chosen and I am the very happy winner of a free registration to next year’s Jamboree!  WOW!!!  Can’t wait!!
IMG_3453 IMG_3452

What an EXCITING end to the day!  Thank-you to the Southern California Genealogical Society!!

Would love to hear your comments and any information you’d like to share.

Enjoy the journey,

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