Sunday, July 10, 2016

Using Tax Records and Maps-Warner Family

I recently rediscovered an old tax record that I found years ago at the Suffolk County Historical Society in Riverhead, Suffolk, New York referencing my paternal great-great-grandfather and his brothers.  While I was looking over it I remembered that I had a copy of an old map from the same time period that actually shows where property owners were located.  Now I am able to see where my paternal ancestors’ property was and how much land they owned.

Assessment Role of the town of Riverhead, of the County of Suffolk, State of New York in the month of June 1874 by Abil Corwin, Samuel Griffing, James L. Skidmore, Assessors.
Names of Owners and (?)Parcels                      Acres/Real/Personal/Amount
tax record 1 tax records

1873 Beers Map of Riverhead, Suffolk County, Long Island (New York)
1873_Beers_Map_of_Riverhead,_Suffolk_County,_Long_Island_-_Geographicus_-_Riverhead-beers-1873 highlighted
Baiting Hollow map

Now I know that;
  • Allen M. Warner (great granduncle) had 40 acres of land valued at $1100.00
  • Lewis Warner (2nd great granduncle) had 136 acres of land valued at $1100.00, personal property valued at $400 with a total value of $1500.00
  • Goldsmith Warner (2nd great granduncle) had 90 acres of land valued at $1300.00
  • Daniel Warner (2nd great grandfather) had 150 acres of land valued at $1300.00, personal property valued at $200 with a total value of $1500.00        
It was very interesting to have these 2 pieces of information (tax record and local map) and how used together they greatly compliment each other!

A question my father raised “ Do you think the School property (located in the middle of Warner property) was owned by the Warner Family and perhaps donated for the school?”  Another great research question…..I’ll let you know……  
I would appreciate any additional information or corrections you may have.
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  1. I really like the way you included those parcel maps. I need to do that more often. It really puts everything in perspective.

  2. Thank-you, Diane. The maps were a great find and helped me know where they lived and how close to each other they were.