Monday, July 25, 2016

Amanuensis Monday-Will for Daniel Warner Sr. 1857

Amanuensis, as I’m referring to here, is the act of transcribing an historic document.

This will complete my collection of 5 generations of my paternal Warner family line starting from my great-grandfather John B. Warner’s will dated 1920 to James Warner’s will dated 1801.  I have not had the opportunity to transcribe them all yet but you can check out the blog posts I have already done for my 4x great grandfather James Warner and my 2X great grandfather Daniel Warner, Jr. 

To add to the collection is the will of Daniel Warner, Sr. my paternal 3x great grandfather.  (The ‘Daniels’ become a little confusing at times since there were actually 4 Daniel Warner’s that I know of in my direct Warner line.)  I was able to locate this Will at the Probate Office at the Suffolk County Center in Riverhead, NY.
d warner 1 d warner 2 d warner 3
Will Liber 10  pages 369-372

My descendant chart from Legacy helps put the family into perspective as they are named in the will.  The will was written in 1857 and you will notice that there are 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls). 

The transcription is as follows;
d warner 2 highlight
d warner 1 highlight

Several thoughts I have after reading;
  • Daniel’s wife Jemima Howell Warner was still alive when this will was written.  Was it just expected that she would be taken care of by her children and she didn’t need to be mentioned in the will?  She would actually die 8 months after Daniel in 1870.
  • Daughter Susan was married (2 years) at the time of the will to Beriah Cleaves.
  • Son Lewis I believe was married at the time of the will to Eliza Fanning Warner.
  • Son Goldsmith would never marry.
  • Son Daniel (my 2x great grandfather) was appointed one of the Executors.  He was married at the time of his father’s will (16 years) to Eleanor Howell Warner.
  • Daughter Joanna was married at the time of the will (17 years) to David Wells Howell.
  • Daughter Jemima was 23 years old and unmarried.  She would later marry Stephen Randall. 
  • It seems that Daniel was trying to distribute materials and property evenly among his children.
  • There is no mention in Daniel’s will of any grandchildren.  I know that Daniel and Eleanor had at least 8 children at the time of their grandfather’s will.
I also obtained a copy of the probate record for Daniel’s will.  Interesting find.  More to follow.

If you have any corrections or additions or stories to share I look forward to hearing them.
Enjoy the journey,

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  1. We had the same thought this week Debby. I also transcribed a will. They are a helpful insight to our ancestors lives and what they were thinking. Thanks for sharing this one.