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US Federal Non-Population Census-Agricultural

I wanted to take a look this week at my great great-great-grandfather Stephen Robinson.
When I started this is all I knew about Stephen:
  • Stephen was born 14 February 1805 in Southold, Suffolk County, New York
  • Stephen’s parents were Moses Robinson (age 30) and Susan Gould Robinson (28).
  • Stephen (age 19) was married to Caroline F. Overton (age 14?) on 24 January 1825.
  • Stephen and Caroline had 10 children-Barnabas Osborne, George W., Perry Stephen, Almeda Vincent, Dolisea, William Smith, Arthur M., Alonzo Martin, Huldah J., Carrie E.  Almeda is my great-great grandmother and the mother of Carrie Terry Warner.  (See Carrie’s letters)
  • Stephen died on 11 June 1871 at the age of 66 and is buried in Brookfield, Manorville, Suffolk County, NY.
This is what I learned about Stephen:
According to the 1865 NY census Stephen was a farmer.

While searching on-line I stumbled across the US Federal Non-Population Census for 1850 and 1860 for Stephen.  The US had Agricultural Schedules every 10 years from 1850-1900.  The census according to the US Federal Government “was a convenient form and had the advantage of showing the general condition of each farm on one compact sheet.”  I started reviewing what Stephen had recorded in 1850.

1850 US Non-Population NY Agricultural Census, NY-
Stephen had 40 acres of land improved, 260 acres of land undeveloped, the cash value of the land was $3,000, Value of Farming Implements and Machinery $50, 2 Horses, 4 Mileh Cows (milking cow), 2 Working Oxen, 6 Other Cattle, 30 Sheep. 6 swine, $300 Value of Livestock, 60 Bushels of Wheat, 60 Bushels of Rye, 150 Bushels of Indian Corn, 70 lbs. of wool, 100 bushels of Irish Potatoes, 30 bushels of Buckwheat, 200 lbs. of Butter, 10 Tons of Hay, $80 Value of Homemade Manufactures.
1860 US Non-Population NY Agricultural Census, NY-
Stephen had 75 acres of land improved, 100 acres of land undeveloped, the cash value of the land was $2,000, Value of Farming Implements and Machinery $100, 3 Horses, 3 Mileh Cows (milking cow),  2 swine, $450 Value of Livestock, 75 Bushels of Wheat, 40 Bushels of Rye, 200 Bushels of Indian Corn, 200 Bushels of Oats, 100 bushels of Irish Potatoes, 40 bushels of Buckwheat, 200 lbs. of Butter, 3 Tons of Hay,$150 Value of Homemade Manufactures.

I thought if I put the results of the 2 Agricultural census in a spread sheet it would help me see what changes there were over the 10 year period.  The additional information for items listed below is from the information given to complete the census.
Remember to always read about the record (census) before you look at the information.
AG census

WOW…what a different type of information this is!  It was very interesting to see what in June of a growing year my ancestor had. 
Some thoughts:
  • I was surprised by the amount of butter that was held by the family.
  • I’m interested in the change of acreage.  Stephen had 10 children so I wonder if he sold or gave the land to some of his children?
  • In the 1860 census, Stephen and Caroline still had 6 children at home with them.
  • I know that in 1850 and 1860 Stephen was living in Riverhead instead of Southold where he was born and not yet in Manorville which is where he is buried.  Did he move to Manorville or was he just buried there?
  • I wonder if they did sell any of the goods they made themselves or if it was just clothing, etc, for their family?
  • I found it interesting that many, my ancestor included, owned sheep.  I wouldn’t have expected anyone to have them since I haven’t seen them on Long Island in my lifetime.
  • Why can’t I find him in the US Federal Census for 1870?
There should be an Agriculture census for 1870 unless Stephen had given up farming at that time?  He would die a year later.
Now, I wonder if I can find a will for Stephen………….

If you have any corrections or additions or stories to share I look forward to hearing them.
Enjoy the journey,

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