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Celebrating the Life of-Olin F. Warner, Sr.

Celebrating the life of
Olin Forrest Warner, Sr.
Warner Olin Sr photo 1918 14 years old
(1918   14 years old)
Today is the 112th anniversary of my paternal grandfather’s birthday.

Olin was born to John Benjamin Warner and Carrie Eliza Terry Warner in Baiting Hollow, Suffolk County, New York on 27 November 1904.  Olin was the 5th of 6 boys born to John and Carrie.
Warner Bros.
(left side-back row)
In a letter Carrie wrote to her sister, Ella Terry Billard, on 15 December 1904 she said the following about the birth;
“When baby came had hardly time to get Alice [her sister-in-law who lived near by] here, so little warning did I have.  Thought at first I would not telephone for the Dr.  Knew he would not get here before the baby, but thought better about it, and sent for him.  It was so early that he could come right here.  Reached here about nine o’clock or a little later.  Mrs. Gordon about half an hour later.  Soon after Dr. came when every thing was over and all seemed to be going on so nicely I was taken with sinking spells, and threatened heart failure.  Dr. staid six hours, and was back again early in the morning, but after the first day I had no more drawbacks.”
In a letter dated 12 January 1905 Carrie tells Ella;
“ Baby (we are thinking of calling him Olin Forrest, Terry’s named him that) has mild colic I think, do not know what else it can be..  Has had ever since he was born, lots of wind.  Some days can do nothing but tend to him.  He grows, is a big strong fellow.  Sleeps good nights, but days he minds noise so much to be be able to sleep any.”
‘Terry’ was Olin’s older brother- 16 years old at the time of his birth.  ‘Forrest’ was the name of Carrie’s brother who helped on the farm in the Summer’s.
When my grandfather was 5 years old his mother passed away very suddenly from a stroke.  Olin and his brothers, that were still at home, moved with their father to a farm a few miles away in Aquebogue, New York. 

Ten years later when my grandfather was 15 years old his father John passed away from cancer,  Olin went to live with his older brother J. Wesley Warner and his wife Alice Aldrich Warner on their duck farm in Riverhead.

Warner Olin Sr photo HS
My grandfather bought his own duck farm a few miles away in Calverton, NY. in 1926 and began farming.
Warner Olin Sr. photo young adult

On 16 November 1929 Olin married Agnes Sarah King of Brooklyn, New York.  They would have 2 children and 7 grandchildren.

Olin would continue as a duck farmer in Calverton until his death on 8 February 1977 at the age of 73.
Warner Olin Sr

I remember my grandfather as a quiet man who loved his family very much.  I remember he had a beautiful smile and gave great hugs.  I remember that once in a while he like to tease us a little.  I remember being amazed that he remembered all 7 of his grandchildren’s ages and grades in school.  He liked to play bridge and I remember people saying that they hated to play against him because he remembered every card played.  I remember him reading a lot, especially his National Geographic magazines, the local Newspapers and Readers Digest.  I remember him falling asleep in his lounge chair while reading in the evenings after dinner then heading back out to check the farm before going to bed.  He was also very patient with his grandchildren and we liked to tag along with him on the farm.  When, as kids, we were in a hurry to go somewhere or do something he would say, "Hold your horses".  I remember going sometimes with my grandparents to the cemetery and listening to him telling me stories about our Warner ancestors.  He was a very good man and I’m proud he was my grandfather.
Happy Birthday Poppy!

If you have any corrections or additions or stories to share I look forward to hearing them.
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  1. Very good narrative about your grandfather. I enjoyed all the photos too.

  2. Thanks, Diane. Good memories. I was surprised to see how many younger pictures I had.

  3. Thank you for sharing stories of your grandfather. Of course I have known a lot of your extended family all my life, being born and raised in Riverhead. And I know that my grandfather, Harrison Tyte, and many of my uncles knew your grandfather. I enjoy reading and seeing the posts you make of history that really touches home with me.

    1. So glad that you are enjoying the stories! I'm enjoying all the new things I've learned.

  4. Hi Debby. This is Debbi Warner Upthegrove. I remember Uncle Olin just as you described him. we moved from Riverhead in the late sixties and I have seldom been back. But the memories are so special. I was trying to find which of the Warners owned the Treat potato chips and that's how I came across your blog. Thank you for sharing.