Sunday, April 8, 2018

Follow Up-Mary Robin Bentz

In several previous posts (starting with Who Was Mary (Margaret) Robin Bentz?) I have attempted to tell the story of the life of my maternal 2x great-grandmother Mary Robin Bentz.  I have found pieces of information from a variety of sources and by putting those pieces together I was able to learn more about Mary and her life.  Recently, I was able to obtain a copy of her death certificate and find yet additional valuable pieces of information.


From the death certificate I now know that;
  • Mary’s cause of death was listed as “Old Age”.  At 79 years old in today’s terms I certainly wouldn’t look at that as being “Old” but in 1911 I guess it was.  According to Mary’s obituary (see post An Unusual Find for Sunday Obituary-Mary Robin Bentz) she had suffered a stroke about 5 years earlier
  • Mary’s father, Martin Robin, which had been previously unknown is now known.  This is a major find!  I thought it was interesting that Clara (born in Luxembourg and about 4 years old when they immigrated to America) did not know her Grandmother’s maiden name but knew her Grandfather’s name.  Her grandmother’s first name is believed to be Anna Maria.  They were reportedly both born in Prussia.
  • the informant for the information was Mrs. H. Riechling, Mary’s daughter Clara, who according to her obituary she was living with at the time of her death

Now, I guess I have some good information to start searching in Luxembourg and Germany for information on her parents and her marriage to John Bentz.  Maybe I can even connect with some of Mary’s children’s families also.

If you have any corrections or additions or stories to share I look forward to hearing them.
Enjoy the journey,

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