Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 A Year of Genealogical Research

It’s that time of year again.  I have found that taking a look back at the work I have done over the past year allows me to reflect on the work I have done and make some plans for the New Year.  Thank-you Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings for first giving us the idea to look back and then look to the future.

I use Legacy Family Tree software to maintain my family tree.  I have trees posted on My Heritage and on Ancestry but these are not my primary trees.  On my Legacy Software I go to Help then About Legacy then General to view my Family File Information.  Here is what mine looks like for 2018:


A review of the statistics in my Legacy tree that I am most interested in:


I continue to add individuals and new Surnames but the statistic I am most proud of this year is my continued increase in my citations!  The deeper I get in to my research the more important citations of where I found previous information becomes.  With the limited amount of time I have to do research, recording citations is not always easy.  Thank-you to my friend and fellow blogger Diane Gould Hall for the continued guidance and encouragement for doing this.

Some of my accomplishments this year:
  • General Society of Mayflower Descendants certificate for successfully proving I am a descendant of John & Priscilla Alden.  (See previous post)
  • I presented twice this year-in April I did the first presentation of Carrie’s Letters: Researching the People for the San Diego Genealogical Society.  In October I presented Carrie’s Letters: Bringing Ancestral Letters to Life for the Sacramento German Genealogy Society in October. 
  • I published 50 blog posts.  My most viewed blog post of 2018 was DNA Chromosome Mapping with a total views of 2,592.  An all time record!
  • Several cousins found me by searching for information of relatives and discovered posts about them on my Blog.  Thank-you for reaching out to me and for asking questions for me to research.  DNA testing has helped me find and connect with several other cousins.  I am always happy to find new cousins!   I enjoy sharing the information I have found with others and glad my cousins also enjoy the information about our ancestors.
  • Thank-you to Marie for hosting yet another great Warner Cousin’s Christmas Luncheon and to Sofia for joining us:
Warner cousins 2018
Hollie, Debby, Kallie, Suzanne & granddaughter Sofia, and Marie
Goals for next year:
  • I hope to finish editing Carrie’s Letters so they can be published for my cousins to read.
  • I am working on 2 new presentations (Researching Land Records using a case study and one on Wills and Probate Records) and hope to roll them out soon.
  • Complete another 50 blog posts.
  • Attend 2 National Genealogical Conferences.  So much to learn, so little time :)
I recently walked through a cemetery where my ancestors lived for over 200 years that I have walked through since I was a child.  Because of the some of the research I have done this past year I was able to identify many more relatives then I previously realized I was related to.  As I follow the trails of the lives my ancestors led I will continue to honor their history, cherish their lives, tell their stories and remember them. 

It truly is the ‘journey’ that is the reward!
Enjoy the journey,


  1. Wonderful job on those citations Debby! And the Mayflower Society membership...well, that’s just so cool. We will have fun at Jamboree, I know that. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings us. The one thing I cherish the most about this journey are the friends I’ve made along the way. I treasure our friendship.
    Here's to fantastic discoveries in 2019.

  2. Thank-you Diane! Yes, I also treasure all the friendships along the way and on to great discoveries in 2019. I treasure your friendship as well.