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Eleanor Jacobs Coolbaugh

Eleanor Jacobs Coolbaugh

243 years ago today my maternal 5x great-grandmother, Eleanor, was born in Hanover, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. During the time of Eleanor’s birth in 1776 this area of Pennsylvania was part of the Connecticut Colony and a year into the American Revolutionary War.  George Washington had just been appointed to command the Continental Army by Congress in the same month as Eleanor’s birth.  What a time of turmoil to be born!

Her parents were John and Elisabeth Pensel Jacobs*.   Eleanor was the fourth of seven children: William, John Jr., Charity, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Benjamin, and Samuel.
  • When Eleanor was just 2 years old the Battle of Wyoming happened in the area.  Also known as the Wyoming Massacre, the battle along the Susquehanna river between the British Loyalists (with the Seneca Indians) and the Patriots was a defeat for the Patriots with over 220 killed.  Settlers claimed the Iroquois hunted, tortured and killed fleeing Patriots.
  • Pennsylvania became a state 12 December 1787.
Eleanor married Peter Coolbaugh and they would have 8 children; Benjamin (my 4x great grandfather), William, Aaron, Susannah, Lovina, Mary, Eli and Sarah.
By the time of Benjamin’s birth in 1797 Eleanor and Peter were living in Wysox,
In 1818 Eleanor was living with her family in Lockville, Luzerne County,Lockville, PA PA. 
  • Wyoming County was created in 1842 from part of Luzerne County.
Eleanor would live to the age of 79 dying on 25 August 1855 in Lockville, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.  Less than 20 miles from where she was born.
  • Eleanor would outlive her husband Peter by 15 years and her children Benjamin and Lovina.
Happy Birthday, Eleanor!

If you have any corrections, additions or stories to share I look forward to hearing them.
Enjoy the journey,

*Special thanks to my newly found cousin John, a descendant of one of Eleanor’s brothers.  He was able to give me information on Eleanor’s parents.  Thank-you John!!

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