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Civil War-Certificate of Disability for Discharge

So far, I know of 2 of my ancestors that served in the Civil War.  Knowing basically only their birth and death dates I am constantly trying to fill in more about their lives.  I recently sent for military records and this is what I found out about my maternal great-great grandfather Joseph Cornell of Alpine, New York.

Cornell Joseph Discharge info Civil War
This was one of several documents I received and here is what I was able to find out just from this document:

Cornell Joseph Discharge info Civil War highlighted

1.  My great-great Grandfather Joseph Cornell was a Private in the Union Army.

2.  Joseph was part of Company B of the 141st New York Regiment Volunteers.

3.  Joseph enlisted on the 22nd of August 1862 to serve for 3 years. 

4.  Joseph was born in Clinton, NY. (Interesting…my info says he was born across the state line in Clinton, Bradford County, PA)

5.  At the date of discharge Joseph was 26 years old, 5 feet 9 1/2 inches tall, with a dark completion, dark hair and dark eyes.

6.  When Joseph enlisted he was a ‘Sawyer’. (I did some research and found out that a ‘Sawyer’ generally ran the saw in a Mill and determined how to get the most wood/types of cut out of the log.)

7.  Joseph was discharged from the Army due to long standing chronic nephritis, contracted by injury and exposure while in the Service.  His degree of disability was 2/3rd.  He was Not Fit for Invalid Corps. 
These are the Battles of the 141st Regiment that Joseph probably took part in during his enlistment.

8.  Joseph was discharged on 2 January 1864 at the Convalescent Camp in Virginia. (When I did some research I found out that Camp Convalescent was near Alexandria, VA,  and was set up to house men not well enough to rejoin their regiments but not ill or wounded enough to take up a hospital bed.

Camp Convalescent, Interior
(photo compliments of the Library of Congress)
9.  Joseph planned on returning to Trumbull’s Corner in Tompkins County, New York after discharge.

When I first looked at this document I really didn’t see the valuable information I had until I broke it down and made a list of what I saw within the document.  I also found great additional info on the internet about the Convalescent Camp and the 141st Regiment of NY that made this info even more interesting.  Now I wish I had a picture of Joseph in his uniform….

I would appreciate hearing any additional stories or information you might have to share.

Enjoy the journey,

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