Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to find Ancestors’ Personalities-Carrie’s Letters

As I do my genealogy research I often wonder about the personalities and habits of my ancestors.  It’s very difficult to know that with only dates for birth, marriages and death.  I have the advantage of a treasure trove of letters (that my paternal great grandmother Carrie Terry Warner) wrote over the course of 30 years.  My grandfather (Olin Warner, Sr.), while only 5 years old when she died, knew or had heard that his mother was often ill and passed that information on. (related posts: Carrie’s Letters, Carrie’s Letters-Snow Days, and Carrie’s Letters-Brining Ancestral letters to Life)
This letter that Carrie wrote to her sister (Ella Terry Billard), dated 129 years ago, 5 March 1887,  shows a bit about Carrie’s personality and that of my great grandfather John B. Warner, as well as, his family in general.  Carrie and John had been married about 18 months when this was written.
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“You desire to know if I am well.  I have been very well all this year until this week, had some cold.  John made up his mind I would never get over it if left to myself so he constituted himself doctor.  His remedies proved very effectual indeed but his anxiety is so great and so plainly manifest that his presence would be rather depressing, to a sick person, if he did not overdo the matter so much as to keep me laughing at him all the time.  Goldsmith (John’s uncle) came up three or four times a day, “To make inquiry after the sick.”  Father Warner, if he could not see John at the barn every little while would get “So anxious” he would come up here.  Tell Father (Gilbert Terry) and Mother (Almeda Robinson Terry) not to worry about me, for with Father Warner, Goldsmith, and John I have more than is good for me already.
I enjoy knowing that my ancestors took such good care of each other.  From Carrie’s letter I can really picture the scene and the people involved so well.
I would enjoy hearing from you if you have comments or more information that you would like to share.
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