Sunday, March 13, 2016

What can you find in Grandma’s Scrapbook?

‘Scrapbooks’.  30 or more years ago the term ‘Scrapbook’ referred to a book of plain white or black paper where you put clippings from the newspaper, etc.  Today I refer to a ‘Scrapbook’ as the place I keep nicely decorated pages with photos and related memorabilia.
I have a ‘Scrapbook’ my paternal grandmother, Agnes S. King Warner, made with clippings from newspapers and cards dating from 1910 to the 1960s.  While I have had the Scrapbook for years and looked at it when I first got it I haven’t looked at it in years.  I decided to take a look at it recently to refresh my memory of what was inside.  I had done some genealogy years ago but when I received the Scrapbook I wasn’t actively doing genealogy at the time.  I remembered there being clippings of family events.  As a girl I can remember being at my grandparents on Mondays when Mrs. Laura Rogers would call and ask my grandmother if she had any news of family happenings for the local Newspaper (The News Review) for the Calverton section.  I remember the excitement when you would see your name in the newspaper for a birthday, etc.

I found something very exciting! First for some background information. My paternal great grandparents (on my grandmother Agnes King Warner’s side) are George W. King and Sarah Rowan King.  Their pages from my Legacy family tree.


I found the following invitation, place tags and newspaper clippings about my great grandparents in my grandmother’s scrapbook…
King George Sarah Agnes name tag King george sarah 50th anniversary invitation King George Sarah Olin name tag

King George Sarah 50th anniversary clipping King George Sarah 50th anniversary clipping 2
King George Sarah 50th anniversary king family 50th anniversary

While I knew there had been a 50th Anniversary celebration and I had seen the pictures I know had other pieces of valuable and fun information. 

I now have a copy of the invitation, the place tags, I know the name of the company my Great Grandfather George worked for, that the Celebration was also a renewal of their vows, I know their address, I know the name of cousins of my Great Grandfather that I never knew, I know the date and location of the celebration, who the guests were, and I also know where family members were living at the time.

Thanks Grandma for saving all these treasures for us to see all these years later!  Now I will have to take these treasures and ‘scrapbook’ them on archival pages in my Heritage Scrapbook album to preserve them even longer.

I would enjoy hearing from you if you have additional information or stories to share.  More finds later.

Enjoy the journey,


  1. What a nice post Debby. Love the images you shared. Are you in the group picture? Thanks for sharing this memory with us.

    1. Thanks Diane! I really enjoyed putting this one together and can't wait to scrapbook the memorabilia. No, I'm not in the photo since it was a bit before my time. One of my Dad's cousins named everyone in the photo though-
      Top left: Joyce Earle, Olin Warner Sr, Gloria Warner, Jimmy Stanger, Gwen Earle, George King, Jr, Rose King, Robert King, Ruth King, Everet Earle, John King. 2and row: Agnes King Warner, Sadie King Stanger, Nanny King, Poppy King, Anna King Earle, Eleanor King. 3rd row: Olin Warner, Jr, Barbara King, John King, Warren Earle, Geri Stanger, Kenneth Stanger, Ronald Stanger.

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful finds! Truly treasures indeed!

  3. Thanks to several scrapbooks handed down to me by some grandaunts and a great-grandmother, I actually have something to blog about! Most recently I have been able to track my great-grandmother's sisters and one of her brothers thanks to clues I found in some old Christmas cards she glued into her scrapbooks. I am sure you are finding lots of good information too.

  4. Debby,

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Jana, thank-you so much for including me on your Fab Finds! I really enjoyed this blog and already have a follow up for my next blog 😊 Have a great weekend.