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Sarah Maria Barry King

I have this picture of my paternal 2X great-grandmother Sarah Maria Barry King but what can I learn about her?  What information can I find that will help me build the story of her life?
King Sarah Barry

What I have learned about Sarah:
  • Sarah’s parents were Ebenezer and Catherine Bolin Barry.  Her father was Swedish and her mother was Irish/English(born in Gibraltar).  She was the oldest of 7 children.
  • Sarah was born in Brooklyn, New York  on the 20th of  November 1851.
  • Sarah married Louis King (see post Who Was Louis Arthur King) on the 25th of December 1870 at Christ Chapel in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Sarah and Louis had 6 children: Sarah E., Louis Arthur, William Henry, George Washington (my great-grandfather), Walter and Katie.
  • Louis died in 1890 leaving Sarah with 6 children ranging in ages from 18 to 7 years old.  They lived at 14 First Avenue, Brooklyn.
  • In the New York State Census 1892 – Sarah is 40 years old.  Sarah, Louis, William, George, Walter and Katie are living with her.  They are living on 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.  Her father Ebenezer appears to be living with her sister Amelia King Sundstrum and her family very nearby since they are all on the same census page.
  • As of May 1st 1896 Brooklyn, NY City Directory -      King, Sarah   wid(ow) Louis  h(ome) 32 1st Av   (George, William, Walter, Arthur are living at the same address.
  • As of May 1st 1897 Brooklyn, NY City Directory -      King, Sarah   wid(ow) Louis     h(ome)   32 1st Av  (Only Walter seems to be living with her)
  • In the New York State Census 1905 – Sarah was 53 years old. Louis, William, Walter and Katie are living with Sarah in Brooklyn Ward 08, Kings, New York.  Sarah’s occupation was listed as ‘Housework’.  Residence on Forty Ninth Street. 
  • In the 1910 US Federal Census – Sarah was 58 years old.  Louis and William are living with her.  She rents a house.  She gave birth to 6 children and 6 children still living.  She is living on 49th Street in Brooklyn, NY.
  • In the New York State Census 1915 – Sarah is 63 years old.  Louis and William are living with her.  She is listed as having no occupation.  Residence on Forty Ninth Street
  • In the 1920 US Federal Census – Sarah is 68 years old.  Louis and William are living with her.  She is living on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.  She is listed under Occupation as None.  It states she can speak English.
  • In the New York State Census 1925 - Sarah is 73 years old.  Louis (age 51) and William (age 49) are living with her.  Residence is on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.  Block #3, Election District #22, Assembly District #3.

Sarah died at the age of 74 on the 29th of March 1926 of Chronic Nephritis with Arteriosclerosis, Contributory Pulmonary Edema.

She is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.  She is buried in Grave # 138 in Lot 21347 a single grave area, of Section 206/207 with husband Louis and granddaughter Louisa King.

In summary:
Sarah lived a long life.  She was married for 20 years and raised 6 children on her own after her husband died.  They stayed near family in Brooklyn and even though they occasionally moved they still remained in the same area of Brooklyn.  Two of her sons remained living with her and supporting her until her death.  She never remarried.

If you have any corrections or additions or stories to share I look forward to hearing them.
Enjoy the journey,

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