Upcoming Presentations:

Mayflower Society
San Diego Genealogical Society
July 11, 2020

Previous Presentations:

Carrie's Letters : Bringing Ancestral Letters to Life
Sacramento German Genealogy Society, October 23, 2018
"Your presentation was great, and I was very impressed by the throughness
and depth of your research!  You've set an enviable standard for all genealogists.
Your family is very lucky to have you as the family historian!"

"I thought you were terrific.  I felt everyone was engaged very well."

Carrie's Letters: Researching the People
     San Diego Genealogical Society, April 14, 2018

                Carrie's Letters: Bringing Ancestral Letters to Life
             North San Diego County Genealogical Society, March 28, 2017

                 Carrie's Letters:  Bringing Ancestral Letters to Life
               San Diego Genealogical Society, August 13, 2016

Writing About Your Research: Blogging
San Diego Genealogical Society Publishing Class, November 2, 2019

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