Military Honor Roll

As I continue to do my research I have found many of my ancestors that served in the Military.  I would like to honor and remember them here for their Duty and Service.

Revolutionary War

     Jacob Grantier - 15th New York Regiment, Morgan's Riflemen
          maternal 5th great-grandfather
     John Jacobs - 1st Battalion, Essex County, New Jersey Militia
          maternal 6th great-grandfather
     William Coolbaugh, Jr. -
          maternal 6th great-grandfather
     Noah Alden -
          maternal 7th great-grandfather
     Israel Alden -
          maternal 6th great-grandfather

     Nathan Benjamin - Captain Josiah Lupton's Company of Colonia Militia
          paternal 5th great-grandfather
     Nathan Tuthill - Captain Paul Reeve's Company of Southold Volunteers
          paternal 6th great-grandfather

War of 1812

     Joshua Terry -
          paternal 4th great-grandfather

Civil War

     John W. Rowan -150th Regiment New York Volunteers,  Company H
          paternal 2nd great-grandfather
     Portis Coolbaugh - 107th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company C
          maternal 2nd great-grandfather
     Marvin Milton Coolbaugh- Company E, Pennsylvania 52nd Infantry and New York 7th Light
          Artillery Battery
          maternal 3rd great-grandfather

     Joseph Cornell - 141st New York Regiment, Company B
          maternal 2nd great-grandfather


  1. I have a lot more research to do but Portis is also my 2nd great grandfather. Nancy Nott

    1. Oh, Nancy so glad to have found you!! Which of Portis' children are you descended from?